Avon Grove Boys Lacrosse

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                     Avon Grove Wildcats Lacrosse

                               Board of Directors


       Director                    Under Review

      Treasurer                   Dan Malley

      Secretary                   Justin Sabol

Operations Manager           Keith Jacoby

 Facilities Manager             Keith Jacoby

Fundraising Manager          Kass Walpole

      Public Relations Manager        Emily Cox

                                     At Large                  John Winiarski, Brian Hammond, Curt Chastain

                            CCLA Representative           Barry Smith


                                Other Volunteers


      Web Master                 Rick Firth

Registration Manager          Jason Muller

Master Scheduler                Kevin Savory
  Uniform Manager              Justin Sabol

        Spirit Wear Coordinator         Justin Sabol

        Cow Plop Coordinators           Caryn Bleazard & Heather McGinn

       Curriculum Coordinators          Emily Cox

         Coaching Clearances             Kass Walpole



                   Age Level Assignees / Oversight 

      U14                Brian Hammond

      U12                Emily Cox

      U10                Mike McGinn

      U8                  Keith Jacoby


Thank You to all of our Coaches & Volunteers!