Avon Grove Wildcats Boys Lacrosse

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Avon Grove Wildcats Lacrosse

Mission Statement


The mission of Avon Grove Wildcats Lacrosse (AGWL) is to promote and develop the sport of lacrosse for boys between the ages of 5 and 14 years who are members of the Avon Grove Community, to develop each lacrosse player to the maximum of his ability and goals, and to foster a spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship with players, coaches and parents/guardians.  AGWL is committed to lacrosse excellence and sportsmanship and strives to be a premier lacrosse club in Eastern Pennsylvania.  


In pursuit of these goals, AGWL is committed to providing the best available facilities, coaches and opportunities for its players within the resources of the AGWL.  Each player shall be afforded the opportunity to play at the highest level commensurate with his ability and commitment to the game.  


As a non-profit organization run by volunteers, the continued success of AGWL is dependent upon the active and expected participation of parents/guardians and players.  AGWL does not discriminate according to race, gender, ethnic or religious background, and is open to all players and adults who abide by the principles, rules, regulations and decisions of AGWL.  AGWL and its Board of Directors, coaches, teams, players and other representatives shall be governed by the principles stated in this Mission Statement in all of their actions and decisions.

Note: As a gesture of sportsmanship and to help promote the sport of lacrosse, AGWL will accept players from the Octorara School District until such time this district forms their own youth lacrosse organization. The lacrosse division of the Avon Grove Wildcats honors its borders with neighboring organizations, and therefore, will not accept players from any other school district.